Surrey Escorts

Surrey Escorts

The Surrey area of the UK is home to a thriving sex industry, and many of the ladies who run sex business in the area are former Surrey escorts like the ones from The Surrey escorts that we spoke to are involved with everything from making porn videos to selling fetish wear online. One […]

Where do broken hearts go?

escort agency

Where do broken hearts go? Perhaps they all visit Hertfordshire escorts… Men who are getting divorced in their early 50’s seem to have a very hard time to form new relationships. Some of them turn to dating agencies, others remain alone and then you get some gents who enjoy dating escorts. The escort scene […]

Holborn Escorts

Holborn Escorts

Some holiday or vacation destinations can be hotter than others. Here at the Better Sex Guide we did a little a poll together with Holborn escorts about the hottest and sexiest holiday destinations around the world. According to our Holborn escorts poll team, not all holiday destinations are sexy. One of the Holborn escorts […]

Brunette escorts are the best!

They say that brunette is the new blonde. It seems that all the men are looking for a hot brunette instead of a hot blonde. I do wonder what is going on. Are all the blondes in London rushing out to have their hair dyed, so they can become brunettes? Or are they just going […]

Male escorts in London

Male prostitution is that act of men having sex with other men or women in exchange for money these men are often mistaken for or referred to as male escorts. London escorts are often mistaken for prostitutes what a lot of people do not realise is that prostitutes have sex with clients in exchange for […]

Digging Further


So you’ll all probably remember my recent tentative first steps into anal play. For a straight guy, admitting to voluntarily sticking something up your butt cavity is a really big no-no, and it took a huge amount of bravery to take the plunge…so to speak. After experiencing the results, and the obligatory month of questioning […]

First Steps – The Flesh Light


When someone first told me about the existence of this toy, I couldn’t help but laugh. I’ve been researching various different kinds of sex toys for a few months now, and I can honestly say that my anal cavity breathed a sigh of relief when I decided to start with this – the only all-in-one […]

It Had to Happen…


When I first started writing this blog, I knew that this day would come. I’ve delayed it and I’ve cowered from it in the corner, but the time has come for me to finally lose my anal virginity. I won’t lie – after I ordered my “beginner’s set” of butt plugs online, I cleared my […]